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General Info

  • Balancing the Battery

    When you first receive your bike and for the first three times you charge your battery from Rad Power Bikes...

  • What accessories can I use with my ebike by Rad Power Bikes?

    Rad Power Bikes offers a variety of accessories built specifically for our ebikes, which you can learn more...

  • Understanding Tire Performance

    Rad Power Bikes and Kenda have teamed up in 2019 to bring to market a complete lineup of co-branded tires, ...

  • Glossary of Terms

    The following terms are frequently used in documentation from Rad Power Bikes. Term   Definition ...

  • What Classification is My Ebike?

    In the USA, electric bikes, or ebikes, typically fall into one of three classes: Class 1, Class 2, and Clas...

  • Riding on Hilly Terrain

    In general, riders on hilly terrain should expect to always pedal uphill to assist the bike in climbing. Th...

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