Why is my battery not charging?

If it seems your battery is not charging, we’ve found that a few simple checks and steps can often resolve the issue quickly.

What’s your battery type?

Before diving in, make sure you’re following suggestions for the type of battery you own. Most Rad bike models use one of the following batteries, both of which can be removed from the bike, but only one of which has a key port on the battery itself. If your Rad Power Bikes battery is different from these two, some of the tips under “Rule out the Obvious” may still be helpful.


Semi-Integrated Battery - type with key on frame, not battery    


Standard Battery - type with key on battery     

Rule out the obvious

We recommend starting with this list of reminders to rule out any obvious fixes. 

  • Is the battery key in the ON position? [Standard Battery Pack only]. To check your battery charge level on the battery, the key must be in the ON position (turn fully clockwise).  If it’s not, the charge level lights will not illuminate.
  • Bad wall outlet? Have you checked the outlet by plugging in another device to verify the outlet works?
  • Too hot or too cold ? Just like cell phone batteries, e-bike batteries don’t function optimally in extreme heat or cold. The goldilocks zone for charging batteries is between 50 °F–77 °F (10 °C–25 °C). If you’re outside that zone, find a location within that range and try charging again. Be sure to give your battery some time to warm up or cool down to this goldilocks temperature zone. 
  • Are you charging immediately after using the battery? Some batteries that have just been used on a bike may not start charging immediately. It’s fine to plug in the charger right away, but the charger may wait until the battery is cooled down a bit before starting the charge process.
  • Battery in ship mode? Newer batteries are configured with a ship mode to ensure that the battery does not provide power to the electrical system during shipping. To exit ship mode, press and hold the battery button for at least three seconds.
  • Loose connections? Check all charger cord connections to make sure they are fully seated. 
  • Enough time on charger? Keep in mind that batteries may take up to 7-8  hours to fully charge.
  • Reading the charger indicator lights correctly? Always use a Rad charger to charge your battery. The images below are a reminder on what indicator lights mean on Rad Power Bike chargers.

If Rad Charger lights look like images below, it means . . .

Charger is working as expected and is successfully charging the battery (solid red lights).


New charger


Legacy charger

If Rad Charger lights look like images below, it means . . .

Battery has reached full charge. When the battery reaches full charge, the red light turns green.


New charger


Legacy charger


Troubleshooting tips: External Standard Battery ONLY

Review the suggestions below to see if you can resolve the problem. If you’ve ruled out the obvious and nothing here applies, we recommend reviewing battery instructions found in the bike’s Owner’s Manual.

Suggestion #1

What I’m experiencing:

After charging, I press the Charge Level button on the battery and no battery level lights stay illuminated. They flicker red briefly and turn off.

What to do:

The  key must be in the ON position for you to check the battery level.

  1. Insert key in battery. Turn to ON.
  2. Press the Charge Level button again.


Suggestion #2

What I’m experiencing:

When I press the Charge Level button on the battery, I see 3 green and 1 red light.

What to do:

Good news!  It may not seem intuitive, but 3 green and 1 red light on the Standard External battery means you have a fully charged battery.

a fully charged Rad External battery pack with 3 green lights and 1 red light illuminated

Suggestion #3

What I’m experiencing:

The charger’s indicator light is NOT red (or both lights are NOT red, for chargers with two lights) AND when I press the battery Charge Level button, no lights illuminate.

What to do:

It’s possible a fuse on the Standard External Battery is blown. These fuses are inexpensive and available at your local auto supply store. To replace one yourself, follow steps in Battery Fuse Replacement.



Replacing a fuse applies to the Standard Battery Pack only. Never attempt to replace a fuse on a semi-integrated battery. Attempting to replace a fuse on a semi-integrated battery poses a very high risk of death or serious injury.


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