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Battery and Charging FAQs


Common questions about batteries and charging. 

What is the life of my battery? / How many years will my battery last? 

A well-cared-for, properly stored battery could potentially last the lifetime of the bike. Actual battery performance and range depend on factors such as proper storage or how often the battery is drained and recharged.

How can I extend the life of my battery?

Check out handy tips on our blog The Scenic Route, including:

Can I get a replacement key for my battery?

Your bike comes with two keys to turn your battery on and off.  For help with lost keys, please contact us and we'll help get you back up and running!

Why is my battery not charging?

If you’ve followed steps in our Battery Charging Guide, and the battery is not charging as expected, refer to this article for additional pointers: Why is my battery not charging?

Why are my battery charge lights not lighting up?

The most common reason is that the battery needs charging. But if you’ve charged the battery correctly and still no lights illuminate, try the simple solutions below. If neither of these apply, we recommend reviewing battery instructions found in your Owner’s Manual.

For a Standard Battery pack

Rad External Battery Pack

The most common reason is . . .

Not having the key turned all the way clockwise to the ON position. Make sure the key is in the ON position, as shown below. Then press the battery level indicator. A full battery will show 1 red light and 3 green lights.

Rad External Battery with key turned to on position


For Rad's Semi-Integrated Battery</ span>

Rad Semi-Integrated Battery Pack

The most common reason is . . .

Your battery may be in SHIP MODE. (SHIP MODE is an "off" state that prevents bikes from turning on during shipping.) This can happen inadvertently at times.

To take a battery out of SHIP MODE, press and hold the battery charge level button for at least five seconds. Then press the battery level button again to see if the battery charge lights illuminate.

Note: Not all semi-integrated batteries have the ship mode feature, but for those that do, these steps often solve the problem.

Why am I not getting the 25-45 mile range on a single battery charge?

Several factors could affect mileage, and the most common reasons can sometimes be the simplest to resolve. If none of the following factors help resolve your issue, please reach out to our support team for additional help.

  • Underinflated tires (low PSI)
  • Cargo or extra weight
  • Hills and road surface
  • Throttle or Pedal Assist System (PAS) usage
  • Stop-and-go traffic or headwinds
  • Air temperature

Underinflated tires. Low tire pressure is the number one reason for not getting expected miles from a single battery charge.  Check tire pressure frequently to make sure tires are inflated to the recommended PSI value (pound per square inch). A mere 10 PSI below the recommended value can significantly lower the miles you’ll get on a single charge. You’ll find the PSI value stamped on the side of the tire.

Cargo/Weight. Heavier loads will demand more from your battery, causing lower mileage (just like a car). Rad ebikes can lug a LOT of extra weight, but each model has a “payload capacity” limit,  defined as the combined weight of:

  • the rider (and any passenger(s), for models designed to carry passengers) and
  • additional gear, accessories, and cargo.

If your ebike is carrying the higher end of this limit, the battery charge will not last as long as when the ebike is carrying minimal weight.

Hills and road surface. A battery that’s powering an ebike across a flat, smooth surface (e.g. a paved bike trail) will last longer than if it’s powering that same ebike up hills or across bumpy, varied terrain (e.g., gravel or dirt). 

Throttle and Pedal Assist System (PAS). Using the throttle and PAS consumes extra battery power. Using lower pedal assist levels can increase your mileage per charge.

Stop-and-go traffic / headwinds. Frequently stopping and then getting your ebike up to speed or riding into headwinds can also lower the miles your battery gets on a single charge.

Air temperature.  The environmental temperature while riding the ebike or while the battery is in storage can impact mileage. If you're riding in below (or near) freezing conditions, you can expect slightly less range.  Storing the battery above room temperature can hurt performance too.


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