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Semi-Integrated Battery Q&A

The information in this article applies to the semi-integrated battery that comes with some ebikes (e.g., the RadRover 6 Plus and RadCity 5 Plus), and is intended to supplement the information in that bike's Owner's Manual, available HERE

For information on charging and storing semi-integrated batteries, refer to the Battery Charging Guide

Questions & Answers

Mismatched charge indicator levels

Question: The charge level indicated on my battery and on my Rad UI Remote don't match. Should I be concerned?

Answer:  Probably not. If the two sets of charge indicators show only a slight difference in charge levels (e.g., a difference of one light), that difference is likely caused by variations in rounding to the nearest 10th percentile. A minor difference like that is fine.

If, however, the charge indicator lights on your battery and your Rad UI Remote mismatch by several indicator lights, there may be an issue.

  • First, remove the battery from the frame and charge until full using the steps described in the Battery Charging Guide. Once fully charged, re-install the battery into the frame and power on the bike. The UI Remote should now display all 10 battery bars, matching the charge level on the battery.
  • A connection issue to the UI Remote could also be the source of the problem, as the UI Remote gets the battery's charge-level information from the controller. In that case, check your wiring connections using the instructions in the RadRover 6 Plus Connector Check Guide. If that doesn't solve your problem, contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support for help.


Should I replace my battery fuse?

Question: Something seems to be wrong with my battery. Should I replace a fuse?

Answer: You cannot change a fuse on these semi-integrated batteries. Fortunately, these batteries and their chargers are specially designed to prevent conditions that can blow a fuse, so it's extremely unlikely that you are having an issue that could be solved with a fuse replacement. Please consult the troubleshooting information here and in your Owner's Manual to pinpoint potential causes of whatever problem you're observing. 


Battery balancing

Question: Do I ever need to balance my semi-integrated battery?

Answer: No, you do not need to balance your semi-integrated battery unless Rad Power Bikes Product Support recommends it. These semi-integrated batteries stay well balanced under normal use conditions. Follow the use, charging, and storage instructions in the Owner's Manual, and your battery should provide you with excellent performance. 



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