Do you offer a hitch rack for my car?


This article applies to ebikes sold in the USA only.

If you are looking to take a road trip and want bring your ebikes along for the adventure, look no further! Rad Power Bikes has tested and approved the use of the Hollywood Racks Ebike Hitch Rack to be used with our ebikes. This rack will fit a 2" hitch, has an 80 lb capacity per bike, and can carry two of our ebikes.

What We Offer

We offer two versions to fit a combination of ebike models:

Hollywood Ebike Rack - RadWagon 3 edition

Compatibility: RadWagon 3, RadCity, RadCity Step-Thru*, RadMission*.

Hollywood Ebike Rack - 2021 edition

Compatibility: All combinations* of models except RadWagon 3. Please note: The RadWagon 4 will need the running board accessory removed before placing the bike on the rack.

*RadCity Step-Thru, RadMini Step-Thru, RadRunner 1, RadRunner Plus, RadRover Step-Thru 1, RadWagon 4, RadMission 1 Mid-Step: To securely attach these models, you will need to purchase the Bike Adapter Bar.

Click HERE to go to the product page to read more or place an order.

RV, Motorhome, 5th wheel, or a flat towed vehicles

We do not currently offer a hitch rack to support these vehicle options. Please reach out directly to Hollywood Racks for information on their other rack options.


Phone: (310) 516-8600

Know Before You Go

Battery Storage

Remove the battery from your bike and store it inside the vehicle before you load the bike onto the rack. Not only does this shed some weight off your bike, but it also helps protect your battery. Learn how to do this HERE.

Driving in Wet Conditions

Our bikes are designed to work well in the rain. However, we do not recommend driving with your ebike on a hitch rack in rainy conditions as the electrical system may be damaged. If you must drive in wet conditions with your ebike on the rack, do not do so for an extended period of time, and afterward park the bike in a dry location to allow the bike systems to dry out before use.

When any bike is exposed to wet  conditions, it will need a more frequent maintenance schedule to prevent rust and corrosion and to ensure all systems work safely. Check out your owner's manual by clicking HERE to learn more about protecting your ebike from rain, or click HERE to read an article about protecting your ebike from the elements.

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