Can I Mount a Water Bottle Holder Onto My Bike or Replace my Bike Seat?

Water Bottle Holder

Most of our bikes have mounting points for a standard water bottle cage. The mounting points are located on either the rider-side or underside of the downtube.

You can purchase a water bottle holder and a reusable, durable water bottle directly from Rad Power Bikes!


Seat Replacement

The seat can be replaced on all models except the RadRunner and RadRunner Plus, which have an integrated steel seatpost with a fixed angle that is not compatible with any other seat. Our bikes use a rail-clamp system that can accommodate most seats with seat rails.

Refer to your owner's manual for details on seat adjustment. If your desired seat doesn't have seat rails or is not compatible with our seatpost, the seatpost (which is a standard diameter 27.2 mm) can also be replaced, but this will impact your warranty. Please contact us before making any adjustments to your bike so we can help confirm if your warranty will be affected.

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