When Will My Backorder or Preorder Ship?

Thank you for placing a backorder for a current ebike in our lineup or a preorder for a newly announced ebike model! We are so eager to get you riding RAD as soon as possible and can only imagine how excited you are!

You may be wondering when your bike will ship and how to stay in the loop. All of this will be covered below.

Order Progress Tracker

A customer account allows our United States riders to track the shipping progress of their current order. A customer account can be created after you purchase a bike. Learn how to activate your customer account HERE.

Below is a snapshot of what the Progress Tracker will look like on your customer account dashboard. The progress tracker displays which step your bike is at within the shipping process. How cool is that?


Order Status Emails

If you are looking for the latest information on if your order will be early, on time, or delayed, have no fear. Our automated email system is designed to keep you in the know. Every two weeks, the latest information is gathered from our supply chain team, and an order status email will be sent to you.

If you are in immediate need of assistance, our Customer Experience team is happy to help. Contact us for more information about your order.

Canadian Backorder/Preorder Timeline

If you are in Canada and you placed a backorder or preorder, please contact us directly for a shipping timeline status. Our Customer Experience team is happy to assist you!

*We are currently developing the Progress Tracker and automated email system for Canadian orders. Thank you for your patience!*

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