Download My Owner's Manual or View Assembly Video

Each ebike from Rad Power Bikes ships with an owner's manual and a copy is available online for download. 

See the links below to download the most up-to-date manuals for ebikes sold in the U.S. and Canada. To download a manual for a bike sold in the European Union, you can do so from Rad Power Bikes' EU site linked HERE.

RadRunner Plus

The RadBurro is a heavy-duty cargo trike with a payload capacity of 700 lb. It's purpose-built to meet the demands of business and is sold by our commercial division. Read more about the RadBurro HERE.


The RadRhino is an electric fat bike made exclusively for the European Union to meet regulatory requirements there. It is not sold outside of the EU. Read more about the RadRhino at our EU Web site HERE. If you're looking for manuals or assembly information for electric fat bikes sold in North America, see the sections on this page about the RadRover or the RadMini.

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