Balancing the Battery

When you first receive your bike and for the first three times you charge your battery from Rad Power Bikes, follow the procedure outlined below to ensure the cells that power the battery are balanced and operating as efficiently as possible.

Note: Since a new bike battery should arrive with between 50-75% of a charge, it should be able to be ridden without initially charging once assembled and verified as safe by a certified, reputable bike mechanic. Charging normally before the first ride is also fine.

  1. After the first, second, and third ride, regardless of distance ridden or the amount of battery used, charge the battery and leave the charger attached to the battery and the outlet for as close to 12 hours as possible (but not longer than 12 hours). This may require leaving the charger attached to the battery and outlet even after the charger illuminates one green (and one red) light indicating the battery is full.

  2. Disconnect the charger from the outlet then the battery once the first balance charge (long charge as close to, but not longer than, 12 hours) is complete and store the bike until you are ready for your next ride.

  3. Ride the bike again with power assistance as normal, and discharge part (or all) of the battery capacity.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for a total of three balance charging sessions (as close to, but not longer than, 12 hours).

  5. After the third balance charge and fourth ride, begin normal charging procedures including:
    • Charging the battery after each ride according to the Battery Charging and Care page HERE.
    • Removing the charger from the battery as close to the green charge light indicating the battery is full, which will typically occur between 3-7 hours.
    • Never leaving the battery charging for longer than 12 hours.
    • Never leaving the battery/charger unattended while charging.

Repeat battery balancing steps 1-5 only after a period of long-term battery storage (see the Long-Term Battery Storage article HERE), if experiencing noticeable range decline, when instructed to do so by Rad Power Bikes Product Support, or up to once per month with frequent use as proactive battery maintenance. Do not perform battery balancing more than once per month.