What accessories can I use with my ebike by Rad Power Bikes?

Rad Power Bikes offers a variety of accessories built specifically for our ebikes, which you can learn more about on their product pages linked HERE.

If you have any questions about which accessories would be best for your ebike or type of riding, contact Rad Power Bikes Customer Experience for details and recommendations:

Email: info@radpowerbikes.com

Call: (800) 939-0310 x 1


Many third-party accessories, or accessories made by other companies, may fit and work well with our bikes, but we can only officially recommend accessories that we have tested for safety and compatibility with our ebikes. This is because some accessories, components, etc., have risks that we cannot foresee without the rigorous product testing we perform on all of the products we do recommend.

We are happy to share measurement details to help you (and your local bike mechanic) assess whether an accessory will fit on your particular bike model. We can also provide recommendations against some accessories, components, or attachment methods known to risk damage to the bike or rider safety.

Use your best judgement and customize your ebike with third-party components at your own risk. Contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support and consult a local certified, reputable bike mechanic for advice on making changes to your ebike by Rad Power bikes. 


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