RadRunner Center Console Installation Guide

The RadRunner Center Console comes with the console and a hardware kit. Use the instructions below to install the console.


mceclip0.png Read through these instructions and contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support if you have questions. If you are not confident in your ability to successfully and safely perform all steps, we recommend having the work performed by a certified and reputable local bike mechanic.

Gather the tools you will need:

  • 4 mm Allen wrench
  • Torque wrench

Installation steps

  1. Use a 4 mm Allen wrench to remove the bolts from the four mounting points on the bike frame.

    mounting_points_circled.png  P1001390.jpg

  2. Align the holes in the bottom and front of the console with the mounting points on the frame.

  3. Pass washer onto a bolt, and then insert the bolt through the console and into the mounting point on the frame. Tighten loosely by hand. Repeat for all four mounting points.

    P1001394.jpg P1001396.jpg

  4. Use a 4 mm Allen wrench, to tighten the four bolts evenly. Torque to 4 Nm. Do not overtighten.

  5. To fasten the lid, stretch the straps over the mounting points in the front and back of the console as shown below.


mceclip0.png The RadRunner Center Console can carry as much as 22 lb (10 kg) of cargo. Do not exceed that limit, or loss of control, injury, or death could occur.  

mceclip0.png Before riding, read and understand the RadRunner Owner's Manual.  


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