Refer a Friend Program FAQs

Why are you changing your Refer a Friend program?

Based on the feedback we have received from our community, it was clear that you were wanting something more streamlined, user-friendly, and automated. Our new Refer a Friend program accomplishes this while also providing our community self-service resources and a more simplified way to get paid for being an owner!

I purchased one of your ebikes before this version of your Refer a Friend program was in place, can I participate?

Absolutely! Our Refer a Friend program is open to all of our ebike owners, regardless of when you purchased. Our Help Center will provide you instructions for how to create a customer account to start sharing your unique referral link.

When would I receive my gift card?

The Friend will receive their discount at time of purchase, Advocates will receive their gift card roughly 14 days after the Friend's order is processed.

Can I stack the $50 referral discount with another discount code/promotion?

No, discount codes/promotions cannot be combined on a single order. If there is more than one discount code/promotion that can be applied to an order, only the largest single discount/promotion will be applied.

Can I place an order over the phone and still take advantage of the Refer a Friend program?

Yes! If you were referred by a friend to purchase one of our ebikes, simply provide us their full name, email address, and original order number at time of purchase so we can verify their information in our system, credit them for their referral, and provide you a $50 discount on your qualifying order.

If I place an order for an ebike but do not use my friend's discount code, do they still get credit for the referral?

Yes, as long as you still use the referral link your friend sent you. There may be a case where you were referred but you want to purchase two ebikes and take advantage of our $200 bundle discount, so as long as you used the Advocate's referral link to come to our website, their referral will still be tracked and they will be rewarded.