Suspension Fork Adjustment

Most ebikes by Rad Power Bikes have a suspension fork at the front of the bike, which come equipped with adjustment and lockout mechanisms. The lockout and preload adjustment controls allow riders to choose the "ride feel" they like best:

  • Locking out the fork creates a rigid fork fork, which can yield higher efficiency while pedaling and a more predictable ride depending on conditions such as terrain and cargo load. Some of our cargo-focused ebikes come equipped with a rigid fork, to improve stability and give a consistent ride while carrying varying cargo loads.
  • Adjusting the preload can dial in more suspension fork travel, making the fork squishier and riding on a rough road or trail surface feel smoother and more comfortable.

Watch the video below and follow the instructions to learn how to perform a suspension fork adjustment on your bike.

The adjustment controls are located on the top of the fork on all suspension forks on ebikes by Rad Power Bikes:

IMG_2350.JPG   IMG_2345.JPG

 RadRover lockout (1) and preload (2)          RadCity lockout (1) and preload (2) 


The lockout knob is on top of the right fork (1, on the rider's right side when they're on the bike) is the dial to lockout the fork to be rigid. To lockout the fork on the RadRover, RadMini, and RadMini Step-Thru, turn the knob counter-clockwise until it stops. To lockout the fork on the RadCity 16", RadCity 19", and RadCity Step-Thru, turn the lockout knob clockwise until it stops.

IMG_2208.jpg   IMG_2186.jpg

RadRover/RadMini locks out counterclockwise.                RadCity locks out clockwise. 


The preload adjustment knob is on the left fork (2, on the rider's left side), which can be used to select the level of stiffness or softness of the fork-- as long as it is not locked out as a rigid fork. 

When the lockout lever is unlocked, resistance can be adjusted by turning the preload adjustment knob, located on the top of the left side of the suspension fork (2, in the image above). All suspension fork preload adjustment turns clockwise to stiffen, counterclockwise to soften.

Soften the suspension by subtracting resistance, or turning the preload adjustment knob counterclockwise, in the direction of the small "-" sign.

Stiffen the suspension by adding resistance, by turning the preload adjustment knob, clockwise, in the direction of the small "+" on the knob.

IMG_2211.jpg   IMG_2193.jpg

RadRover/RadMini preload adjustment                        RadCity preload adjustment


Notice: If you are not confident in your ability to successfully and safely perform all steps, we recommend having the work performed by a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic.



For questions or assistance adjusting your suspension fork, contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support by email to or by phone to (800) 939-0310 x 2.