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RadMini Step-Thru Wiring Harness Replacement Guide

The wiring harness connects various electrical components and can be replaced in the unlikely event it is damaged or determined to be non-functional by Rad Power Bikes Product Support. 

We recommend using two people in order to safely replace the wiring harness.

Warning_-_Transparent.png If you are not confident in your ability to successfully and safely perform all steps, we recommend having the work performed by a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic.

Tools Needed:

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Flat-side cutters
  • String or paracord (about 4’)
  • Electrical or masking tape (about 3”)
  • Replacement zip ties
  • A friend to help hold the bike in place
  • The replacement wiring harness from Rad Power Bikes
Remove the Wiring Harness
  1. Turn OFF the bike. Use the battery key to unlock and remove the battery from the bike.
    Once the battery is removed, press and hold the MODE button on the LCD Display
    Remote until the LCD Display has remained off for a few seconds, to ensure the
    electrical system is fully off and safe for maintenance activities.
  2. Snip relevant zip ties. Locate the zip ties that bundle the wiring harness and other
    cables together near the handlebars and end of the downtube of the frame. Use flat-side
    cutters to carefully snip each zip tie. See the images below identifying the location of
    these zip ties. Use caution to protect all cables and cable housing; snip only the zip tie using
    a flat-side cutters.

    3a.png   3b.png   3c.jpg
  3. Remove the Downtube Grommet. At the left side of the bike, locate the cable opening
    at the back of the end of the downtube and the black, oval-shaped, rubber grommet
    installed around the edge of the opening. Use a flat head screwdriver to carefully unseat
    the grommet (see below).

  4. Expose Downtube Connectors. Use the handlebars to turn the bike wheel to the right,
    which will provide slack necessary to expose the connectors that are housed inside the
    bottom of the downtube near the cable opening. Unlock the hinge latch and partially
    open the folding mechanism hinge. Have a friend hold the handlebars of the bike
    keeping the frame and hinge steady, and the front wheel turned to the right. Then,
    starting near the handlebars, gently push the wiring harness cable into the cable opening
    of the head tube. Gently pull on the cable through the opening at the front of the hinge
    and push the cable through the opening at the back of the hinge. Then, return to the
    cable opening at the bottom of the downtube and gently pull out the cable connectors.

    5a.png   5b.jpg   

    Pull directly on the connector body, not on the cable directly whenever

    5c.png   5d.jpg
  5. Unfold and lock the frame. Close the folding mechanism and secure the latch to lock
    out the frame properly.

    Note: whenever closing the folding mechanism, use caution to keep clothing and body parts clear of the folding hinge. Ensure there is no slack in the internally routed
    cables and take care to never pinch cables (or anything) with the hinge.
  6. Identify the connectors that will need to be unplugged. The two connectors pulled
    from the downtube with the largest diameter cables are the wiring harness (1 orange,
    below) and the battery connector cable (2 blue, below).

  7. Unplug the Wiring Harness Connector (1 orange, below). Grab each side of the
    connector body and carefully pull the connector apart without twisting or tugging directly
    on the cable. The inside of the wiring harness is a black, 10-pin connection (see image
    below at right) (note: double check the unplugged connector is correct. The battery
    connector is a black, 2-prong connection, which remains plugged in throughout this

    8a.jpg   8b.jpg
  8. Prepare to simultaneously remove the old wiring harness and thread the new
    wiring harness through the downtube. Locate the new wiring harness and tie one end
    of an approximately 4’ long piece of string or paracord to the end that will plug into the
    connector at the head tube of the bike. Tape the string to the connector body to prevent
    the connector body from bending and getting caught in the downtube (see below). Tie
    the other end of the string to the bottom connector of the old wiring harness.

  9. Remove the old wiring harness. Starting at the wiring harness connectors at the Head
    Tube, unplug the connectors (to the two brake levers, throttle, and display) and carefully
    pull the old wiring harness out of the downtube. 
Install the New Wiring Harness
  1. Thread the new wiring harness through the downtube. Feed the taped connector through the hole at the back of the downtube and allow the pulling of the old wiring harness out to thread the new harness through the downtube.
  2. Plug in the new wiring harness near the head tube. Once the connectors for the new
    wiring harness have been pulled through the opening near the head tube of the bike,
    remove the tape and untie or cut the string. Match the connectors by color, align the pins
    and the notches in the connector body, and carefully plug in the new wiring harness to
    each corresponding connector (to the two brake levers, throttle, and display).
  3. Thread the wiring harness connector through the grommet. Locate the connector
    end for the new Wiring Harness near the base of the bike and the other side of the
    connection. Ensure the other side of the connection is threaded through the rubber
  4. Plug in the wiring harness near the bottom of the downtube. Align the pins and the
    notch in the connector housing, and carefully plug in the new wiring harness connector
    to the other connector that has been threaded through the grommet.
  5. Push the connectors into the cable opening at the downtube end. Ensure all wires
    and brake/shifter cables that come out of the cable opening also run through the
    grommet, then carefully push the wiring harness and battery connectors back into the
    cable opening at the downtube end.

  6. Replace the rubber grommet at the cable opening at the downtube end. Grab the
    oval-shaped rubber grommet and while pinching the long sides together, seat the top of
    the grommet at the top of the cable opening. Work each side of the grommet onto the
    sides of the metal cable opening.

    16a.jpg   16b.jpg

    Once only a small amount of the grommet is unseated from the rim of the cable opening,
    use a flat head screwdriver to very carefully press the grommet back onto the opening so
    the entire grommet is properly seated.

    16d.jpg   16c.jpg

    Note: Use extreme caution to press only on the grommet and avoid damage.
  7. Replace the zip ties at the front and bottom of the bike. Gather the cables at the front
    of the bike near the head tube, zip tie them together, and use flat-side cutters to snip
    away excess. Repeat for the cables near the Downtube end.

  8. Test the bike for safe operation. Mount the bike onto a bike maintenance stand, power
    the bike ON, test all electrical and mechanical components for safe and proper
    operation. Have the bike inspected for safety by a certified, reputable bike mechanic.


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