What is the size of the RadCity Commuter Bike?

The RadCity Commuter Bike has a traditional frame design that comes in two sizes, a 16" and 19" option, to fit different sized riders. To view sizing for our RadCity Step-Thru Bike, click HERE.

The RadCity 16" frame best fits riders from 5'4" - 5'11".

The larger RadCity 19" frame best fits riders from 6' - 6'6". 

The following sizing charts can be found on the RadCity Commuter Bike page by scrolling down to the sizing section:




For even more information on sizing the RadCity to your unique body proportions, check out our video linked HERE, featuring riders of different heights on the RadCity Commuter Bike.

Still have questions about which RadCity Commuter Bike is right for you? Send us an email at info@radpowerbikes.com or give us a call at (800) 939-0310 x1!

*These measurements are for 2019 models. Previous model measurements may vary slightly.