Troubleshoot Error 22

Error 22 usually indicates a problem with the throttle on the bike. On most ebikes by Rad Power Bikes and those with an LCD display, this error code will be indicated by "ERROR 22" appearing on the LCD screen. On the RadRunner, which comes with an LED display, the error code will be indicated by a flashing indicator light at Pedal Assistance Level "1."

 Read through these instructions and contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support if you have questions. If you are not confident in your ability to successfully and safely perform all steps, we recommend having the work performed by a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic.

1. Turn the bike OFF. Press the MODE button until the bike and LCD Display turn OFF. Use the battery key to unlock and remove the battery from the bike. Once the battery is removed, press and hold the MODE button on the LCD Display Remote until the LCD Display has remained off for a few seconds, to ensure the electrical system is fully off and safe for maintenance activities.

2. Locate the throttle connection. Start at the throttle and find the cable coming out of the throttle housing. Trace that cable approximately 5 inches down to the bulge in the cable, which is the connection between the two parts of the cable.

3. Inspect the throttle connection. Hold the two sides of the connection and carefully pull directly apart without twisting. Check to ensure that none of the pins inside the connection are bent or damaged, then align the connector ends and fully reconnect.

4. Test the bike for safe operation. Mount the bike onto a bike maintenance stand, power the bike ON, test all electrical and mechanical components for safe and proper operation. Rad Power Bikes recommends this step is performed by a certified, reputable bike mechanic. If not, have your work inspected by a certified, reputable bike mechanic.

Please contact Rad Power Bikes if you have any questions!


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