When does Rad Power Bikes release their new models?

Here at Rad Power Bikes, we are always working to improve, whether that be by improving our current models with new technologies and better components, or by increasing our model offerings to help meet the needs of our rapidly expanding customer base.

Because of our dedication to providing high-quality, affordable ebikes we are very intentional about all of the products we design, build, and deliver, and each and every decision is thoroughly researched and planned. This means that we don't always have cyclical model rotations or regular release dates.

Historically, updates on new and improved Rad Power Bikes model offerings have typically been announced near the end of the calendar year in November and December.

No matter when we announce an update, though, we let all of our current and future customers know about it through our website, social media channels, and by email to our newsletter subscribers. Sign up for our email newsletter at the bottom of our homepage to stay up-to-date on all new and improved Rad Power Bikes products!