Battery Removal Guide

The battery on bikes by Rad Power Bikes can be removed with one of the two identical keys included with your bike.

Battery Controls

On, locked


Off, locked


Off, unlocked


Remove the Battery

  1. Turn off the bike. Press and hold the MODE button on the LCD Display remote (or the power button on the LED remote) until the display turns off.
  2. Use the key to turn off and unlock the battery. Insert the key into the key port, then push and rotate the key to the "OFF, unlocked" position.
  3. Remove the battery. When in the "OFF, Unlocked" position, you can carefully slide the battery upwards and lift it off the frame. Note: the battery weighs around 8 lbs and should be handled with care.


For more information on how to best care for your battery, please refer to the Rad Power Bikes Owner's Manual that came with your bike or download a copy of your bike's manual from HERE

When the Battery is Removed

  • Do not touch the “+” and “-” terminal contacts on the bottom of the battery when the battery is removed from the bike.
  • Be careful not to drop or damage the battery when loose from the bike.
  • Avoid damaging the exposed connector terminals and keep them clear of debris.

 When Installing the Battery

  • Ensure the battery is turned off before sliding the battery into the frame mount receptacle.
  • Do not force the battery onto the receptacle; slowly align and push the battery down into the receptacle.
  • Ensure the battery has been properly secured to the bike before each use by carefully pulling upwards on the battery with both hands to test the security of the attachment of the battery to the mount.

Warning_-_Transparent.png Use caution to avoid damage to battery connector terminals, which are exposed when the battery is unlocked and removed from the frame of the bike. In the case of damage to the terminals or battery mounts, please discontinue use and contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support immediately.

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