Do the bikes have a walk mode?

All ebikes by Rad Power Bikes have a walk mode.  

Walk mode is a feature that allows the motor to move the bike at a relatively slow, constant speed so that a person can walk next to the bike with their hands on the handlebars, without having to push the full weight of the bike.

To activate walk more, while dismounted from the bike and with the right hand on the handlebar grips/brake lever, hold the left handlebar while continuously pressing/holding the down arrow on the three-button display remote.


For more information on engaging walk mode, please see the LCD Display Features and Operations article in the Help Center. 

 Walk mode should only be used while dismounted from the bike and with both hands on the handlebars. Always keep at least one hand on a brake lever to allow quick cutoff of the motor assistance if necessary and to maintain control of the bike.