Top Tube Bag installation guide

The top tube bag accessory lets you ride Rad with all the essentials strapped safely to your ebike. Follow the steps below to install the top tube bag on your bike.

Caution.png If you are not confident in your ability to successfully and safely perform all steps, we recommend having the work performed or checked by a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic.
  1. Get the bike ready for maintenance. Turn off the bike, remove the battery, and press and hold the MODE or power button to discharge remaining power.
  2. Locate the top tube bag and identify the three mounting straps. The straps will be used to keep the bag in place on the bike.

  3. Install the top tube bag on the top tube of your bike. Click a heading below for installation instructions for your model.
    Remove the middle strap (shown below) before installation. Store the strap for later use or recycle according to local rules.

    Secure the remaining bottom strap to the top tube. Secure the front strap to the steerer tube.Attach_to_RadRover.png

    RadWagon, RadCity, and RadMission
    Secure the bottom straps to the top tube. Secure the front strap to the steerer tube, as shown below.

  4. Turn the handlebar from side to side to make sure the top tube bag does not interfere with steering. Adjust the top tube bag by hand, if needed. Before every ride, check to make sure the top tube bag is secured to the bike.
  5. Follow the care instructions for this accessory by clicking HERE.
  6. Reinstall the battery, test the bike fully, and ride Rad!

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