Selling and Buying a Used Ebike from Rad Power Bikes

We have no dealers or retailers outside of our three retail locations, but sometimes individuals who own our bikes want to sell them to other individuals. If that happens, it is important to keep Rad Power Bikes informed of the current legal owner of the ebike when it changes owners.


If you are an owner of a Rad Power Bike and want to sell it is important that you do the following:

  • Call us to let us know you have sold your bike and provide us with your name, the original order number, the new owner's name, and the new owner's phone number,


  • Provide the new owner with the name on your original order, the original order number, and a phone number at which you can be reached.

We need this information to amend our records so we can sell certain replacement parts to the new owner. While the warranty does not transfer to the new owner, transferring ownership in Rad Power Bikes' records will allow us to sell all replacement parts to the new owner.

Without transferring ownership, we cannot sell certain replacement parts, including battery chargers, without ensuring that the bike was obtained legally by the individual requesting such parts or information. This is one way that we disincentivize theft of our customers' ebikes.


If you are buying a bike from a current owner it is important that you obtain the following:

  1. The name of the original owner
  2. The order #
  3. A phone number for the original owner

Please obtain this information prior to purchasing. Without this information or the original owner transferring the ownership to the buyer, we cannot sell the buyer certain replacement parts under any circumstances.