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Sell or Buy a Used Rad Power Bikes Ebike

Lightly used ebikes are occasionally available for sale at our retail showrooms only (they are not available online) and cannot be delivered. Please call the retail location closest to you for availability.

Berkeley, California (USA): (510) 296-8885 x 3

Huntington Beach, California (USA): (949) 468-5670

San Diego, California (USA): (619) 326-3688 x 3

Denver, Colorado (USA): (303) 225-9119

Salt Lake City, Utah (USA): (801) 829-1892

Seattle, Washington (USA): (800) 457-3677 x 3

Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada): (604) 900-2007 x 3

Utrecht, Netherlands (Europe): +31-85 7470430

Private Sales

If you choose to privately sell or buy one of our ebikes, it's important to update us with the new owner's information when the bike is sold so the transfer of ownership can be noted.

A transfer of ownership will allow a new owner to get replacement parts and support from Rad Power Bikes. This is one way we discourage theft of our customers' ebikes.

Note: Ebike warranty does not transfer to another owner after a sale.

Seller Responsibilities

Please do one of the following steps:

  1. Call us to let us know you have sold your bike and provide us with:
    1. Your name
    2. Original order number
    3. New owner's name
    4. New owner's phone number

  2. Provide the new owner with:
    1. Name on your original order
    2. Original order number
    3. Phone number at which you can be reached

Buyer Responsibilities

Please get the following information from the seller before purchasing:

  1. Name of the original owner
  2. Order number
  3. Original owner's phone number


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