What are the minimum and maximum seat heights of the RadMini?

The minimum and maximum seat heights are measured from the top of the seat to the top of the pedal when it is at the bottom of the pedal stroke. 

  RadMini 2019 RadMini 4* RadMini Step-Thru 2019
 & RadMini Step-Thru 2*
Minimum seat height 26.5" 26" 24"
Maximum seat height 33" 35" 31"

* The RadMini 4 and RadMini Step-Thru 2 models are being released in early 2020.


IMG_2160.jpg   IMG_2159.jpg                  Maximum Seat Height                                         Minimum Seat Height   


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For more details or to order over the phone, contact Rad Power Bikes Customer Experience by email to info@radpowerbikes.com or by phone to (800) 939-0310 x 1.

NOTICE: These measurements are for current models. Previous model heights may vary slightly.

 Ensure the bike fits you properly before your first use. You may lose control or fall if your bike is too big, too small, or not properly fitted to your unique body proportions. Ensure the seat is never ridden with the seat post installed above the minimum insertion point, marked on the seat post. Before each ride, ensure the seat post clamp and quick release lever is properly secured. If you do not have the experience, skill, and tools to complete assembly, fit, and adjustment, Rad Power Bikes highly recommends having a certified, reputable bike mechanic complete these procedures as well as any future adjustments.