Can I charge my bike with solar power?

At this time, unfortunately, there are no solar-powered setups that have been tested or can be recommended by Rad Power Bikes for charging our batteries.

If you were looking to recharge your bike off the grid, the standard charger that comes with the bike must still be used. It is likely that an inverter of at least a 350 watts would be necessary for charging one battery, outputting 100-240V power at 50-60Hz. It is also likely important that the inverter outputs pure sinewave AC power, (NOT square wave, and NOT modified sinewave) to prevent damaging the electronics. 

 Any aftermarket changes to your bike from Rad Power Bikes not expressly approved by Rad Power Bikes could void the warranty and create an unsafe situation. Always charge your battery in a dry, indoor location away from direct sunlight, dirt, or debris, and in temperatures between 50 °F – 77 °F (10 °C – 25 °C).

 Never open the battery housing, which will void the warranty and can result in damage to the battery, property, serious injury, and/or death.