Riding on Hilly Terrain

In general, riders on hilly terrain should expect to always pedal uphill to assist the bike in climbing. The performance of ebikes by Rad Power Bikes on hills depends on many factors including the weight of rider, steepness of the hill, cargo load on the bike, and more.

On steep hills, a rider should keep the bike moving at a reasonable and steady pace when using high levels of power assistance. Demanding high power output when the bike is moving at slow speeds may strain the motor. Pedaling in a low level of pedal assist (levels 1, 2, or 3) or riding with the twist throttle only partially applied can help keep the bike moving without high power demand, which will increase the longevity of the bike's motor. Plan your route to avoid very steep hills (over 15% grade) if possible.

Never ride up hills which exceed a 15 percent (%) grade with the motor fully engaged. If you need to ride up hills steeper than 15% grade, it is important to set the bike to a lower level of pedal assist (levels 1, 2, or 3) and to maintain a reasonable speed above a walking pace. 

For hills that exceed a rider's ability to climb as a cyclist, a rider can always dismount the bike and walk, while pushing the bike or engaging "walk mode."


Walk mode is a feature that allows the motor to move the bike at a relatively slow, constant speed so that a person can walk next to the bike with their hands on the handlebars, without having to push the full weight of the bike. For more information on engaging walk mode, please see the LCD Display Features and Operations article in the Help Center. 

 Walk mode should only be used while dismounted from the bike and with both hands on the handlebars. Always keep at least one hand on a brake lever to allow quick cutoff of the motor assistance if necessary and to maintain control of the bike.


When riding with cargo, use caution when riding on hills, since hills that are normally easy to climb and descend without cargo can become challenging and dangerous once cargo is loaded onto the bike. 

Notice: a rider’s hill climbing ability, steering, and braking are all impacted when cargo is loaded on the bike. Become proficient at controlling the bike with a cargo load in a flat and open area before riding on roads or hills.


For questions, contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support by email to support@radpowerbikes.com or by phone to (800) 939-0310 x 2.