What happens if something breaks on my bike?

Rad Power Bikes is committed to helping you keep your bike in safe, working order, and if something on your bike breaks we will work with you, and if-need-be, a reputable, local bike mechanic, to get it fixed!

Contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support should you have an issue with your bike or need to replace a worn or damaged part of your ebike by Rad Power Bikes. 

We carry stock replacement parts for our customers and the replacement may even be covered under warranty


Our bikes use standard bicycle components, so compatible mechanical replacement parts can likely be found at any local bike shop. Before replacing any of the components on ebikes by Rad Power Bikes with aftermarket products (such as a new chain, pedals, tubes, tires, cassette, etc.) we do recommend you contact our Rad Power Bikes Product Support first so we can give you insight into compatibility as well as if changing that particular component will impact your warranty. 

In the event you have an issue with an electrical component, the smart electrical system is designed to tell you what is wrong. In that case, the LCD display will show an error code providing valuable insight as to what is causing the issue. Note the error code or issue and contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support to diagnose the issue, troubleshoot, and order any necessary replacement parts. All of the electrical components are designed to be easy to swap out in the event you need a replacement. 

For more information, check out the Help Center article on ordering replacement parts and for specific issues and part replacement procedures, check out the Help Center's Product Support section.


If you have any questions or experience issues with your bike, please contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support by email to support@radpowerbikes.com or by phone to (800) 939-0310 x 2.  


 Rad Power Bikes cannot recommend any components that have not been tested internally for compatibility and verified as safe to use with ebikes by Rad Power Bikes

 If you do not have the experience, skill, and tools to replace, adjust, and maintain parts of/on your bike, Rad Power Bikes highly recommends having a certified, reputable bike mechanic replace, adjust, maintain, and ensure the bike is safe to ride.

 When the useful life of a component is surpassed it can cause unexpected loss of function. This can result in serious injuries or even death. Therefore, pay attention to wear characteristics such as cracks, scratches, or changes in the color or operation of components which could indicate useful life has been exceeded. Worn components should be replaced immediately. If you are unfamiliar with regular maintenance, a certified, reputable bike mechanic should be consulted.