How much power do the bikes have?

All ebikes by Rad Power Bikes have 750 watts* of power on demand. The LCD display provides a continuous display of power output by the motor wattage. 

Riders can call up power from the motor and battery in two ways: by pedaling with pedal assist level 1-5 selected, or by twisting the throttle with the throttle in the on position. For more information on the power assistance functions and operation, check out the Motor Control and Operation article.

The power is delivered to the rider a little differently depending on which type of motor their bike model uses, either geared hub motors (on the RadRover and RadMini models) or Direct Drive motors (on the RadWagon and RadCity models), which is designed to compliment the intended uses of the different models. Check out our Geared vs Direct Drive Motors article for more information on the two different motor types that come with ebikes by Rad Power Bikes. 

 *Canadian models are outfitted with 500 watt motors in accordance with Canadian ebike laws.

 Users must become accustomed to the bike’s power control system before operating. The throttle mechanism allows full power to be activated from a stop and inexperienced users should take extra care when first applying the throttle. The pedal assistance feature is also a powerful option and users should fully research and understand how to operate it before first use. Not taking care to familiarize yourself and practice the operation of the power system on your bike from Rad Power Bikes can lead to damage, serious injury, and/or death.