Is there a power usage or battery gauge on the bike?

All current-model ebikes by Rad Power Bikes have two battery capacity gauges that you can use to assess the battery life on a ride.

Located on the battery itself, there is is a LED battery gauge that is activated by a button. When the button is pressed and held, one red and up to three green LED lights will illuminate and indicate how much power the battery has remaining. The more lights that illuminate on this battery gauge, the more power remaining. Notice: the LED battery gauge on the battery will only work when the battery is in the on position and this procedure should only be performed while dismounted from the bike. 

Battery_gauge_button.jpg  Battery_gauge_lit_up.jpg

Located on the LCD display in the center of the handlebar, there is another battery gauge that can be used while riding. This gauge calculates battery life based on the battery power output (instantaneous voltage reading) and can fluctuate while riding if power demand and/or output changes. The battery reading should stabilize at the current battery capacity after about 5 seconds when power assist is off (pedal assist 0 and no throttle applied), the brakes are not activated, and while coasting on the bike. 


Once one bar is left on the display, users should charge the battery as soon as possible. At lower states of charge, the bike may limit power output to prevent damage to the battery. When the battery is fully depleted, the last bar will begin to flash, warning the user to charge the battery as soon as possible.

For more information on the range a rider can expect to travel per charge, check out the Help Center article linked HERE.


Notice: Always ensure battery is charged before use. Before each ride, inspect the battery to ensure there is no damage to battery and that it is securely locked to the frame. Charge and store bike and battery in a dry location, between 50°F-77°F. Failure to properly charge, store, or use your battery may void the warranty and may cause a hazardous situation.


For questions, contact Rad Power Bikes Technical Support by email to or by phone to (800) 939-0310 x 2.