Battery Charging Times

Charging the battery from completely empty to completely full typically takes between 3-7 hours, though you can partially charge the battery to top it off. We recommend charging after each ride so your battery can power you for the full range the next time you Ride Rad! 

The time the charger takes to fully charge the battery is dependent on various factors including distance traveled, riding characteristics, terrain, payload, and battery age. The following table provides an estimate of charge time based on most common distances traveled in regular operation:


While charging, both charge indicator lights on the charger will be red. When the battery charge is complete and the battery is full, one light will will turn green, showing one red/one green light on the charger. Detach the charger as soon as possible once the green light indicates a complete charge to avoid unnecessary wear of charging components.Never charge a battery for longer than 12 hours. The charger is designed to automatically stop charging when the battery is full, but unnecessary wear of the charging components could occur if the charger is left attached to the battery and a power source for longer than 12 hours.

For more information, see the When to Charge the Battery and the Battery Charging and Care Help Center articles, and the detailed information included in the Owner's Manual.

If you have any questions or issues with your battery, please discontinue charging, operation of the battery, and operation of the bike, and contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support by email to or by phone to (800) 939-0310 x 2.


 Failure to follow battery charging best practices could result in unnecessary wear to the charging components, battery, and or charger, and could lead to an under-performing or non-functional battery and replacement will not be covered under warranty.