How many gears does the RadRover have and why does it have gears if it is electric?

The RadRover, and all 2019 model year ebikes by Rad Power Bikes, has a Shimano 7-speed gearing system and thumb shifter.

This means there are 7 cogs or gears on the cassette on the rear hub of the bike. The shifter on the right side of the handle bar controls the rear derailleur, which shifts the chain from cog to cog, changing the gears.


In general, shifting down into lower gears when slowing or coming to a stop makes starting to pedal again and accelerating easier. Shifting into higher gears when getting up to speed can help a rider propel the bike farther and faster with each pedal stroke and maintain pedal authority at top speeds.   

It is useful to have gears for riders who like to pedal and those who travel over hilly terrain, for example. Shifting into the smallest gear (gear 1, or first gear), when heading uphill, will make climbing easier. Similarly, when heading downhill, shifting into the highest gear (gear 7, or 7th gear), will help maintain pedal authority. For more information on riding on hilly terrain, check out the Help Center article linked HERE.

Although we find that changing gears is not always necessary when using power assistance, and some users rarely change gears because the electric motor takes away much of the strain, it is still useful to have gears whenever you decide to pedal while cruising or trying to get more exercise or extend your range.

The combination of gearing, the 5 levels of variable pedal assistance, and the twist throttle assistance from the motor means you can always find the most efficient gear, pedal level, and power to go the distance!

For more information on gearing or to order a RadRover online, check out the RadRover product page

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