How to turn the bikes ON and OFF

To turn the bike ON:

1. Lock the battery to the frame in the ON position. Insert one of the two identical keys into the key barrel of the battery and turning the key to align the key port with the small open circle icon, indicating the battery is in the "ON and Locked" position. Remove the key by pulling directly out of the key port, keeping it aligned with the "ON and Locked" icon as depicted below.



2. Turn on the electrical system. Locate the three-button display remote on the left side of the handlebar. Press and hold the MODE button for about 2 seconds, until the LCD display at the center of the handlebar activates. 


To turn the bike OFF:

1. Turn off the electrical system. Press and hold the MODE button on the display remote for about 2 seconds until the LCD display powers off.

2. Turn the battery off one of two ways: turn the key to the "OFF and Locked" position to keep it locked to the frame or press and turn the key to the "OFF and Unlocked" position to then remove the battery from the frame. 


 Always check the battery is securely locked to the battery mounting tray/battery before riding. The battery MUST be locked onto the frame battery mount properly before use.