Can I upgrade my battery?

We currently do not offer any battery upgrades for our bikes.We have chosen high-quality batteries that we think are the highest value for our customers as our batteries meet the performance demands of the vast majority of our customers at the best price possible. While larger capacity batteries do exist, they are currently very expensive. 

For riders interested in increasing their range, we do sell extra batteries for our currently available bikes, which effectively double your range for less cost per watt hour than offering larger capacity battery options. Check out the Replacement Parts page of the Rad Power Bikes website for current pricing and other details on purchasing an extra or replacement battery. 

If you have any difficulty in determining which battery by Rad Power bikes is compatible with your bike, please contact us directly by email to or by phone to (800) 939-0310 x 1.

 Rad Power bikes cannot recommend using any battery not purchased directly from Rad Power Bikes. Our battery technology is advanced and low-quality cells and battery management technology can damage the electrical system on your ebike by Rad Power Bikes. We are not able to inspect the quality of the cells and technology in third-party batteries. Any aftermarket changes to your bike from Rad Power Bikes not expressly approved by Rad Power Bikes could void the warranty and create an unsafe situation.