Geared vs Direct Drive Motors

We offer two motor styles, geared and direct drive, which each complement the different uses for particular models of our ebikes.

Our fat tire models, the RadRover, RadMini, and RadMini Step-Thru feature the Bafang geared motor shown below.


Our commuter style bikes, the RadWagon, RadCity, and RadCity Step-Thru feature the Shengyi direct drive motor shown below.


The geared motor provides about double the low-end torque compared to the direct drive motors, which is great for starting quickly and for powering up hills. Combined with the fat tires that come with the geared motored bikes, the RadRover and RadMini are powerful, sporty bikes that can handle riding off-road and through the urban jungle.  

The direct drive motor is more efficient at higher speeds and offers regenerative braking, which both provide for increased range. Combined with a robust suite of included accessories such as built-in rear racks and fenders, the RadWagon and RadCity are efficient, powerful bikes ideal for commuting to work and long rides on the weekend. 

Both motor types are high-quality, well-built, programmed to deliver 750 watts of power on demand, and have long life spans. 

For more information, check out the Motor Controls and Operation article.

For questions about the motors, contact Rad Power Bikes Customer Experience by email to or by phone to (800) 939-0310 x 1.


 Users must become accustomed to the bike’s motor power control system before operating. The throttle mechanism allows full power to be activated from a stop and inexperienced users should take extra care when first applying the throttle. The pedal assistance feature is also a powerful option and users should fully research and understand how to operate it before first use. Not taking care to familiarize yourself and practice the operation of the power system on your bike from Rad Power Bikes can lead to damage, serious injury, and/or death.