Which bike will best fit me?

All of our bikes are unisex and are designed to accommodate a wide range of rider heights. Most people between 5'2" and 6'2" can ride our bikes comfortably, although different models have slightly different recommended height ranges, as outlined in the "sizing" section on each model's web page.

Generally, people with slightly shorter legs tend to be the most comfortable on the RadCity Step-thru, RadMini Step-thru, or RadRunner, as these models offer the lowest standover heights of our available models (the standover height is the distance from the top tube on the frame to the ground).

Taller people tend to be the most comfortable on the 19" RadCity Commuter Bike as it is designed for people between 6' and 6'6"!

If you are near the lower or upper recommended heights for a particular model, your individual proportions, especially your leg length, will determine whether you can ride that bike comfortably. An excellent discussion of stand-over height can be found HERE

Before you buy, look at the frame geometry info-graphics on each bike's web page to ensure the measurements will provide for a good fit. We also have sizing videos, linked below, that show riders between 5'5" and 6'4" on most of our bikes. (Note: Many of these models, especially the Step-Thru models, can accommodate riders who are significantly less than 5'5" tall.) Select a model below to view the video or product page for that specific bike:


Model name

Recommended rider heights: Sizing video  Product page
4'10"–6' RadCity Step-Thru sizing video RadCity Step-Thru
16" and 19"
16" frame: 5'4"–5'-11"
19" frame: 6'–6'6"
RadCity sizing video RadCity 16" and 19"
RadMini 5'2"–6'2" RadMini sizing video RadMini
4'10"–5'10" n/a RadMini Step-Thru
RadRover 5'4"–6'2" RadRover sizing video RadRover
RadRunner 4'11"–6'2" n/a RadRunner
RadWagon 5'2"–6'2" RadWagon sizing video RadWagon


Test Ride if Possible

The best way to know if a bike works for you is to try it out prior to buying. Check out our handy Where to Ride map to see if there are any rental fleets near you!


Contact our Customer Experience for sizing advice 

If you've reviewed our sizing information and still have questions, we are happy to help! Please reach out to our Customer Experience Specialists.

By email to info@radpowerbikes.com 

By phone to (800) 939-0310 x 1 



 Ensure the bike fits you properly before your first use. You may lose control or fall if your bike is too big or too small. If you do not have the experience, skill, and tools to complete proper adjustment to fit the bike to you safely and appropriately, Rad Power Bikes highly recommends having a certified, reputable bike mechanic, who specializes in bike fitting, to fit the bike to you before your first ride.