How do I register and insure my bike?

To register your bike(s), there are no steps necessary to register your bike(s) with us at Rad Power Bikes since we keep all necessary information regarding your order. It is always a good idea to keep your order information for your personal records as well and we recommend saving your order confirmation email and recording your bike serial number.

The order confirmation email includes the order number and exact name used on your order, which are necessary to look up your order in our system should you need assistance from our Customer Experience or Product Support teams.

To locate the serial number for your bike(s), check out the Help Center article on locating the serial number.

We also encourage our you to register your bike(s) with, a free service that can alert the community and assist in returning your bike should it become lost or stolen. Also be sure to check out this Help Center article for more information on theft prevention.


To insure your bike, check with your personal insurance agent to see if they have options available for both covering your liability while riding the bike as well as ensuring that the bike is covered as personal property. Homeowner's, renter's, and auto insurance policies may have an option for adding an ebike. While not all insurance companies have designed ebike specific policies, there are companies such as velosurance that specialize in bicycle specific insurance policies.


For questions contact Rad Power Bikes Customer Experience by email to or by phone to (800) 939-0310 x 1.